IC3 at Kendal

Imagine a place where the youngest and oldest citizens can co-exist in a homelike, cozy atmosphere. Imagine a place where children can grow with daily interactions with a grandparent figure. Imagine a place where the older generation can read, play and eat with children. Ithaca residents are fortunate enough not to have to imagine the place described above. We have a place like that right here in our community. It is Ithaca Community Childcare Center (IC3) at Kendal. It is a delightful place that serves people by combining two stages of life; childhood and seniors.

IC3 at Kendal provides children a place to have daily interactions with a grandparent figure. The residents of Kendal volunteer in the classrooms and spend time reading, talking, interacting and eating with the children. This intergenerational program component is one aspect that makes IC3 at Kendal unique. We take full advantage of the beautiful grounds at Kendal by taking nature walks around the property and strolling through the hallways visiting with residents as we go! Walking to the pine tree forest, visits to the gazebo and duck pond, or running on the grassy knolls are some of the activities the children enjoy.

IC3 at Kendal is open 7:30 am-5:30 pm Monday- Friday. We offer full day child care 2, 3, or 5 days a week for infants and toddlers. Children that enroll in our infant classroom at Kendal are guaranteed placement in the toddler classroom at Kendal. Toddlers enrolled at Kendal are guaranteed placement in pre-k at the IC3 Main Campus. Learn more about our infant and toddler classrooms by clicking the boxes below or contact us to schedule a tour.

  • Infants

    At IC3, the goal of our infant program is to nurture and care for your baby while developing a trusting relationship with him/her and the family. Upon enrollment, we assign each baby and family a teacher who acts
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  • Toddlers

    At IC3 our child-centered active learning philosophy means that toddlers learn by doing. Toddlers need many different opportunities for play. They learn with their whole bodies; touching, tasting, seeing and hearing are all part of the learning process.
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