Scholarship Fund

Ithaca Community Childcare Center is committed to making high quality childcare accessible to all families. IC3 offers tuition assistance to families based on annual gross income and employment. Tuition varies based on the program, the number of days a child attends, whether a family has more than one child enrolled, and the scholarship awarded.

IC3’s Scholarship Fund is available to working families with children enrolled in our programs. One hundred percent of the proceeds of our fundraising events directly benefit our scholarship fund to help with the costs of high quality child care; most of the funding, however, is internal. If you are interested in supporting IC3’s Scholarship Fund and helping local families with the cost of child care, you can do so by participating in our fundraising events, contact us, fill out a donation form to mail in with your gift, or visit Donate Now.

If your child is enrolled at IC3 or you are considering enrollment and are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out a scholarship application form. All financial information is kept confidential.