Why IC3

Mission Statement

IC3 is committed to providing families with the highest standard of child-inspired, professionally-nurtured care and opportunities for learning.

Our Difference

Where and how your child is cared is one of the most important decisions you will make. IC3 has been providing childcare since 1976 and is NAEYC Accredited, a mark of our commitment to high quality child care. While most daycare facilities meet minimum state requirements by placing one teacher, a teacher’s assistant and an aide in each classroom, IC3 provides two qualified full time teachers and one teacher’s assistant in every classroom. Our committed staff offer child development expertise and meet or exceed NAEYC recommendations. We are fortunate to offer twice the classroom space required by New York State, two indoor gyms, and a spacious outdoor play yard for each age group. This enriched atmosphere contributes to the social and intellectual development and well being of children in our care. Numerous teachers have presented at State and National AEYC conferences and other events demonstrating innovative teaching methods and programming such as continuity of care and our intergenerational program.

Our educational philosophy is called child-centered active learning, which means that children learn by doing. Children learn best by engaging and interacting with people, their environment, and objects around them. Teachers design an environment and plan experiences that allow hands-on learning for children in a range of developmental areas, social, emotional, cognitive and physical. We provide opportunities for children to work with a variety of materials and people, to make choices and to have some control over their choices and activities promoting a life long love of learning.

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